Fire Engine Limo


Most people have never heard of the fire engine limousine hire in London, and if they have they assume that it is some mythical creature that doesn’t exist. However, the fire engine limousine is an actual limo that people can hire for their various events, and is most common for children’s parties and birthday parties as well as hen nights and other girls’ night out events. The vehicle is essentially an old fire engine that has been converted into a limo and is hired out for various events and rentals. This fire engine limo hire is rarely ever known, but it does exist for those who seek it, making it the perfect choice for many different occasions when something out of the ordinary is required.

A fire engine limo hire can give you a way to stand out from the crowd and try something completely different. It doesn’t matter if you have never seen or thought about renting a fire engine limo before because it can be a great time if you’re willing to give it a chance. There are many comfort features and amenities that are built into this seemingly rugged truck that once helped to save lives. The capacity in a fire engine limo is about eight people, but some models will hold up to 16 people with comfort and ease. The music will be loud and the party will be burning up in this great limousine hire once you’re on board.

Fire Engine LimoHiring a fire engine limousine is a great way to make an impression, for sure. The fire engine limousine hire in London comes in different colours, including red and pink. It isn’t very different than other fire engines aside from the conversion into a comfortable limousine for your travelling and partying pleasure, and it’s sure to turn some heads when you drive by.

The fire engine limousine hire features TVs, leather seating, games, and a real live fire fighter crew to take care of everyone on board the limo. There are lights, music, and great entertainment features on board like you would find on any limousine, but this will definitely turn more heads because it’s a fire engine limo and it’s decked out with a full staff of fire fighters to take care of your every need. The versatility of this model is unmatched. It’s great for children’s parties, but also for hen parties and other women-only events, and is becoming more popular because of its shock value and the features that it has.